Lennox Heating ContractorThe heating and cooling of the family home has become quite the focus of those either in or looking to purchase a house these days. With everything available, the biggest comfort of all is to know that you can go home at the end of the day and control the temperature in your home, making sure it’s the most comfortable place your encounter through your travels. It’s always great to know after a long hard day at work, heating up your body and wearing yourself down you can return to your domicile and crank the air conditioner as low as needed to soothe your weary soul. This has become possibly the most important feature of a home in the modern era, it’s a massive focus of the modern home buyer, which is how things should be in the current climate.

Lennox For Residential and Commercial


Years of expertise in Heating and Cooling

Among the many things that separate Lennox from the rest of the pack in the heating and air conditioning market is their warranty structure. You can choose from different tiers depending on which product you choose to purchase, they even offer the option of an extended warranty that could range from five, ten, or up to twenty years depending on the product you’ve purchased and what you’re looking to cover in the extended warranty. Lennox has also been around since before the 1900’s, making them one of the longest-lasting companies on the market. Founded in 1895 by Dave Lennox they’ve been taking care of customers for 120 years now, and they’ve pretty much perfected it at this point. You’ve got plenty of reasons to choose Lennox in this regard, but they also offer unmatched quality in other fields as well, while other companies may try to get your business Lennox is more concerned with keeping your business.

When you’re looking at getting a new unit you’ve got a lot of things to consider when trying to nail down exactly which unit fits your needs the best. One major focus is to see which one offers you the quietest experience at home, unmatched quietness is one field where Lennox is so focused on taking care of the customer base. Nobody wants to sit in their home and hear some machine running all night long, this is why Lennox is such a desired brand. Another major win for Lennox over the competition is in the area of efficiency. Lennox pride itself on having ultra-efficient units, this is just another area where they lead the industry, and nothing gets a customer quicker than offering a lower light bill. With all things considered there are no other options available than to go with Lennox for your home heating and cooling needs.

Your heating and cooling system is an essential appliance inside your home, and while you might not think about it unless you run into an issue, it is always important to bring in trained professionals to maintain, inspect and service it. This is why you need to contact Precision Air Services for all your needs.