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Daikin Ductless unit indoor and outdoor heat pumpHeating and cooling your home can be a complicated venture. Most homes have two units: a cooling unit and a heating unit. Under the floors, ducts take heated or cooled air from the unit being used and distribute it throughout the house. In most homes, the rooms furthest from the unit do not warm or cool efficiently as the air warms or cools. This leads to a fluctuation in air temperatures through the house and a lot of space taken up by the two units. While there are some different ways to solve this issue, a Daikin Ductless Heating and Cooling system might be the answer.

A Daikin ductless heating and cooling system can be used in any size of home. Smaller homes can benefit from lower heating and cooling costs from using the heat pump system as a primary heating and cooling unit. Larger homes can also benefit by using it as a secondary system. The Daikin system can be used in individual rooms to provide the comfort your family wants. So one room can be warmer or cooler than the others.

New HVAC system for your home or business

The average consumer has three major interests when shopping for a new HVAC system for their home, business or building project: Warranty, Energy savings, and Certification. They are all essential. It is in the best interest of the property owner, however, to focus discerning attention on the ability to have your HVAC a duct unit or ductless. In arranging for an assessment and estimate from an HVAC dealer, it is imperative to examine the dealer certification in-depth, and then put his warranty for parts and service under your Consumer’s Microscope, These are so often brushed over while you are subjected to all the fine points of thermostats, vents, heat pumps, and air circulation.

How a basic ductless heating system works

Ductless units have indoor units that connect to the main HVAC unit outside. They come a variety of sizes primarily, single and double. The implementation of heat pumps, filter systems, and other accessories provide the cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter sorely needed. Traditional HVAC systems need extra heat sources when the temperature drops below 35 degrees. The Daikin Alterma system can keep you cozy down to zero degrees and lower. Daikin invented Variable Refrigerant Volume 25 years ago and revolutionized the HVAC market. VRV technology delivers individual comfort control with tremendous financial savings over the traditional “on/off” system. Innovations of VRV Heat Recovery improved comfort and versatility more with simultaneous heating and cooling in different areas or zones, and heat recovery from one zone to another, essentially providing “free heat”!

Daikin Ductless sold around the world

Daikin provides HVAC units to 90 countries. They have been in business almost for 90 years, and have learned how to be No. 1 in the world in customer service and with the No.1 air conditioning/heating product. The Daikin units are economical and perfect for small, medium, and huge homes. They run on the same amp power as your Keurig coffee maker or 4-slot toaster. How energy saving is that? The heating and air conditioning units can run at the same time, if, for example, your kitchen is in the middle of cooking a holiday meal and heated but the living room recognizes it is winter outside. You won’t find this attribute anywhere else.

New Intelligent Thermostat made especially for Daikin Ductless

The Daikin Intelligent Thermostat named ENVi is the newest star at Daikin’s residential controls and you will love this one. The clever wall-mounted controller sports a backlit LCD and an easy menu index of the items you will ever need for personal comfort settings. The Envi immediately and correctly advises you of temperatures, weekly schedules, vacations, and even weather forecasts Are you ready for this? Best of all ENVi thermostat is WiFi enabled! You can access it via the web using a tablet, smartphone, or computer. You also have a private personalized secure interface to make any changes, from anywhere.

Number one HVAC dealer in the Pacific Northwest

Daikin is far more than the No. 1 HVAC dealer and manufacturer in the world. They offer service and replacement parts for any other brands you may have in your home or business. They pride themselves on fast service and excellent customer relations. Put Precision Air Services number onto your Rolodex immediately. You deserve to have the utmost in HVAC service for the least cost and inconvenience. You deserve to be able to choose to “keep your feet in the warm in King and Pierce County Washington”. Contact Precision today for your free inspection and free estimate for any services you need at this time, and to discuss the potential.

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