Heat Pump System Seattle

Lennox outdoor heat pumpWe are among the most reputable companies providing Seattle residential and business owners with heat pump installation, tune-ups, service, and maintenance.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians are the best in the industry and are experienced in keeping HVAC systems of all major brands in tip-top shape.

Seasonal maintenance and tune-ups are a primary focus of our technicians in extending the useful life of your heat pump system and to ensure:

  • Optimal performance
  • Comfort in all areas of your home or business
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Reduction in service calls
  • Protection of your warranty

Call for affordable expert services to help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency!

Heat Pump Repair Seattle

It is important for Seattle home and business owners to understand the unique function and design of a heat pump system that operates as a sole unit, absorbing all of the year-long wear and tear as opposed to other HVAC systems that have two separate units.

As an extremely energy-efficient method for heating and cooling, just like any other appliance, they require occasional service.

We are a reputable heating and air conditioning service company with factory-trained and certified technicians experienced in identifying problems and conducting necessary heat pump repair on all major brands.

These are clear indicators of when to call on our expert technicians:

  • Reduced heating and cooling capability of your unit
  • Loud clicking or grinding noises
  • Inconsistent temperatures among rooms or areas within your home or business
  • Increase in energy costs
  • The system is locked in either cool or heat mode
  • Reduction in airflow to your living or workspaces
  • Icing over

Our technicians can diagnose and resolve these issues to bring your system back to peak performance in a timely manner. Call us for service or to request an estimate.

Seattle Heat Pump Installation

When a heat pump repair is no longer an option for your aging, hard-working unit, it is probably time to consider a new replacement.

Not only can we provide superior heat pump installation services, but our trained specialists with a depth of product knowledge including state-of-the-art technology and current innovations can help guide you through the process of choosing a replacement unit.

Since our technicians service all major brands, we can help Seattle residents with:

  • Factors such as efficiency, comfort, and cost
  • An unbiased recommendation to suit your specific needs
  • A load calculation to gauge the proper sizing for maximum efficiency
  • Explanation of HSPF and minimum SEER ratings
  • The concept of zoned heating and cooling
  • Consideration of two-speed compressors
  • Option for supplemental backup burners
  • Variable-speed motors on the blowers and fans to maintain consistent air velocity

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